Candy packaging machine development trend in the future

Time: 2013-01-14
Candy packaging machine development trend in the future

Candy, chocolate manufacturers standardized product packaging, generally require high-speed, automatic
Pillow packing machine of the pursuit of economies of scale packaging cost optimization. In the kind of pillow packing machine, system
Manufacturer using the latest technology, such as servo motors, photoelectric tracking, high-speed camera, pillow packing machine to achieve performance, there are per minute package 1500 to 2000 SERIES Hard Candy Pillow Packaging Machine. High-speed pillow packing machine chocolate should be more developed equipment and cold packaging film match, in order to achieve high-speed and does not affect the intrinsic quality of chocolate products. In connection with chocolate pillow packaging machine conveyor automatic steering, finishing, emergency stop, the acceleration is also widely used. Second, the non-standardized or seasonal products, pillow packaging machine should be designed to be flexible, lightweight and compact. This type of equipment is not the pursuit of speed, but to seek personalized packaging and flexibility. In addition, the distinctive packaging design can also cater to commodity competition, innovation, giving the visual impact of the effect, such as bottled xylitol chewing gum on the market, because the packaging improved more suitable for the consumer psychology of young people, the products are very popular.
So, snack food packaging machine should be toward the development of multi-direction, in order to adapt to the market, in short,
, Candy packaging machine market, packaging technology with the product characteristics. If the product is positioned as a high
End gift packaging necessary attractive, high-end design, such as paper, wood, or metal box are on the election. Products for mass consumption, the packaging should be relatively simple, such as pillow bags packaging popular merchants favor in the form of simple, mature technology, high efficiency packaging, and the price is cheap.

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