New ideas and new thinking, and the blooming of a new situation in the filling machine

Time: 2013-01-02
New ideas and new thinking, and the blooming of a new situation in the filling machine
        With the technological advances of science and technology, more and more manufacturers are gradually strictly mechanical automation requirements. Invented a simple machine is not a point of view from the historical development of production can achieve the effect, as the market economy has gradually become the mainstream of the world economy, filling confidential era of convergence, using electric, gas combined with new technical approach to achieve independent response to each date a lot of production work. Reduce manual labor, and gradually increased so that the stability of the filling machine.
       Dongtai filling machines continue to increase investment in science and technology and expenditures, made ??a major breakthrough of the new products. As the vanguard of the industry, we have the responsibility and obligation to do their part to promote the development of China filling machine industry. Dongtai filling machine on the basis of the percentage of the original sales revenue increased two percent of the investment in science and technology, favorable supporting Enterprise Institute's research, also laid a good foundation for long-term development for the future of enterprise technology . Strengthen the research and development of technological achievements, but also focus on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and constantly applied to the product, not only to improve the innovative capability of enterprises, exercise technical team, the practical conversion but also for new product development, brought tangible benefits. Meet the technical requirements of many customers in the market, to become a trusted brand in the market.
       Using new technology in the process of rapid economic development in order to guarantee the stability of the filling machine, Jinan Dongtai, filling machines faster and more stable, open a new thinking in the development and launch of a new way of thinking, broadened into a new situation in the filling machine more good help businesses forward.

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