Dongtai filling machine refused to work behind closed doors forever chasing market trends

Time: 2012-11-26
Dongtai filling machine refused to work behind closed doors forever chasing market trends
   Known, set off the wave of reform and opening up, China's industrial production enterprises one after another rise packaging industry With the pace of reform and opening up gradually developed, after thirty years of arduous course of development, packaging machinery industry has been driving our become the world's second largest packaging, packaging products production, the annual industrial output occupy the top few in the world. As the largest and most well-known supplier of packaging machine, one of Shenyang Dongtai has been constantly strive to innovate, to enter the international market, and improve the international status of the country's industrialization quiet dedication.

   Dongtai machinery has been committed to the development and research of new products, the introduction of foreign advanced science and technology, combined with years of professional experience in R & D and manufacturing, in line with the idea of lowering production costs for customers, designed to develop different specifications automated packaging machinery and unmanned pipeline equipment to strengthen the product quality, according to the needs of different customers for its selection of suitable high efficiency, economical and practical packaging machinery, automation is the the Dongtai value be raised to build a domestic packaging machinery industry leader; packaging machinery and equipment on the market trend and direction at the same time be able to recognize the moment, not behind closed doors, a positive innovation, quality of packaging machinery and equipment and improve service for the global packaging companies.

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