Why packaging is an integral part of the commodity?

Time: 2012-11-22
Why packaging is an integral part of the commodity?


The exchange of goods on the market, is constituted by two parts of the entity and packaging entities.
Flow of goods from the place of production to areas of consumption process, handling, transportation, storage, and other aspects of the product packaging should have a reliable, applicable, aesthetic and economic characteristics.

(1) packaging protection products
With the continuous development of the marketing activities abroad, the goods to be sent all over the country and even around the world, must go through the transportation, storage, marketing and other aspects. To avoid commodity circulation process influenced by sunlight, air, oxygen, harmful gases and temperature, humidity and chemical, physical and chemical changes; prevent goods in the process of transportation, storage under the impact, vibration, pressure, scroll, drop other mechanical force factors on the quality or quantity of the loss; resistance to a variety of external factors, such as micro-organisms, insects, rodents infringed; scientific packaging to prevent hazardous products pose a threat to the people of the surrounding environment and contact must reach protect goods quantity and quality and safety purposes.

packaging can promote the circulation of commodities
Packaging is one of the main tools in the circulation of commodities, and almost no products without packaging can be factory. The process of the circulation of commodities, in the absence of packaging, is bound to increase shipment and storage difficulties. Accordingly, the product according to a certain number, shape, dimensions, packaging, facilitate the commodity inventory of, counting and Interrogation; conveyance and storage utilization can be improved. In addition, the packaging of goods, text and graphic descriptions of significant storage and transportation signs, such as "Handle With Care", "Beware of moisture from," Do not turn upside "for the transport and storage of all kinds of goods brought great convenient. This has accelerated the circulation of commodities, to obtain greater economic benefits.

The ③ packaging to promote and expand the sales of goods
Novel design, beautiful shape, colorful, modern commodity packaging can greatly landscaping products to attract consumers to leave a good impression in the minds of consumers, so as to stimulate consumer desire to buy. Therefore, commodity packaging can play to win and dominate the market, to expand and promote the role of commodity sales.

The ④ packaging consumer convenience and guidance
Commodity sales package accompanying merchandise a sale to consumers. Appropriate packaging, easy for consumers to carry, save and use. The same time, the sales package also with circular text description of goods, performance, purpose and use, easy consumer knowledge of product features, use and maintenance, to play the role of the correct guidance of consumption.

In short, packaging to protect products in commodity production, circulation and consumption for easy storage and transportation. Promote sales. Easy-to-use.

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