Jinan Dongtai enhance service awareness, help filling machine development

Time: 2012-11-14
Jinan Dongtai enhance service awareness, help filling machine development

        Jinan Dongtai is a veteran professional filling machine R & D, production, sales of businesses, in the emphasis on product quality at the same time, more valued service awareness, the Dongtai been perfect service system determines the development of enterprises.
        Jinan Dongtai has a variety of models filling machine equipment, renowned in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and other industries, improve the service has been the aim of the company, by the customer sign for devices, according to the actual situation of the sales staff, technical staff quality, stance, machine loading test and feedback on the overall performance of the company. The one hand, can improve the quality of our services, on the other hand will also allow us a clearer understanding of the device's functions found insufficient improvements in a timely manner.
        Future market competition highlights in services, quality of services for companies to create more customer base, creation of new business areas, Jinan Dongtai continue to improve their sense of service in the future development of filling machine, seeks to do the pre sales guidance and after-sale industry information, at the same time to ensure the quality of the product, a satisfactory explanation to the customer.

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