Packaging machine, a breakthrough in the industry are a new bright spot

Time: 2012-11-02
Packaging machine, a breakthrough in the industry are a new bright spot
        A progressive problem need to think of ways to solve encounter development challenges in the packaging machine industry, we should make full use of the long-term accumulation of development experience combined with the actual conduct of a full range of thinking, so that the problem can be perfect solution, Jinan Dongtai has been since persistent product innovation, and strive to meet the needs of each client, the Dongtai packaging machine a breakthrough in the industry are the new bright spot.
        Domestic packaging industry after decades of development, not only to meet the needs of the domestic market, there is a very good sales, but still to be improved compared with other advanced countries, only to see their own inadequacies, to find its the direction of development and growing their own strength, now more frequent merchandise packaging update speed packaging machine must keep up with the progress of Dongtai according to this feature, a series of innovations, comprehensive change, to change the production of flexible , new products to market caused great repercussions, praised by new and old customers.
       The rapid economic development of the packaging machine provides a huge market space, Jinan DONGTAI breakthrough the bottleneck of the development of one after another, gradually embarked on the road of steady development.

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