Dongtai filling machine to force packaging market

Time: 2012-10-29
Dongtai filling machine to force packaging market
        Dongtai filling machine started late, after decades of development, whether there had been substantial progress in the technical services, the Dongtai filling machine has become the industry leader for the domestic packaging machinery the development of effective protection.
        Jinan Dongtai filling machine development continuously improve product quality, reduce product prices, and shorten the product development cycle, improve customer satisfaction, due to the the domestic filling machine products mostly stand-alone, science and technology content is not high, automation low level of these severely restricts domestic filling machine upgrading and technological innovation, with the integration of microelectronics technology, biotechnology, Dongtai filling machine performance, degree of automation, functional diversification has a lot of progress, and plays an important role in the production process.
        With the rapidly changing market, Dongtai filling machine will move towards more areas, broader direction development potential in the packaging market, is to force the packaging market.

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