The SiOx coating for health food packaging scoring

Time: 2012-10-23
The SiOx coating for health food packaging scoring
   The main function of packaging is to protect the goods, so that ease of use and saved, and for the food to
Food packaging aesthetic appearance requires not only pleasant, convenient and practical, more important is to ensure that quality
, To ensure the safety of food, so the performance of the pros and cons of food packaging materials, is environmentally friendly and package
The installed production design, craftsmanship proposed higher requirements. Using the high-temperature, high-strength,
The high barrier plastic can not only improve the protection function of food, and the same amount of food in the packaging
Can be reduced when the amount of plastic, or even can be used repeatedly. Currently with aluminum foil and some plastic
The packaging material made ??of a composite material having an opaque and difficult recovery, and can not be used for microwave processing
The defects, in recent years developed a plating SiOx material is a good substitute.
     SiOx, nano-silica, PET, PA, PP substrate coated thin layer of silicon oxidation
Thereof, which not only have good barrier properties, barrier properties hardly affected by environmental moisture and the effects of temperature change
, Excellent atmosphere adaptability. SiOx coating has a high barrier, high microwave permeability, transparent
, Its flexible packaging applicable to the microwave heating of food, drinks, grease, food can also be made, edible
The packaging container of the oil, to solve the problems, although other packaging materials may bring health problems
The SiOx coating higher cost, mass production technology is not perfect, but because of its advantage of particularity
Energy future will be important packaging materials.

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