Filling machine stretch posture, dancing in the market

Time: 2012-10-22
Filling machine stretch posture, dancing in the market
   With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the emergence of a variety of food products, packaging technology and equipment proposed new requirements, packaging machinery plays an increasingly large role in the flow of products. Market the fastest growing undoubtedly edible oil industry, oil filling machine plays an important role in the development of the industry, while the more highly automated, intelligent, high-efficiency, low consumption of edible oil filling machine increasingly favor of grain and oil, beverage industry.

   Today, the advent of high-tech, in the improvement of people's living standards, increased product demand and more new requirements proposed, the traditional old-fashioned filling machine equipment can not meet the demands of modern people's lives. The whole body of the initial stage, the filling machine and obsolete equipment, poor performance, low efficiency, this development is linked with people new life, and more on how to meet the development needs of the market? Jinan Dongtai well for the future development of the filling machine long-term initiatives to strengthen the independent innovation of new technology, edible oil filling machine toward efforts to promote the update, the higher direction, in the face of fierce market competition, filling machine equipment a new attitude to dance into the development of the market.

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