Filling machine life simultaneous development

Time: 2012-10-15
Filling machine life simultaneous development

        With the accelerated pace of commodity circulation, accelerate the pace of the types of goods and replacement
Mainstream products as the packaging industry, but also led to the development of the machinery industry, filling machine
Its use and our lives have a great relationship, such as food, beverages, and other related industries from
Filling machine filling is not open, the filling of quality and performance and so affect our standard of living.
        Jinan Dongtai very strength as a domestic manufacturer of packaging machinery, filling
Machine as the company's flagship product, its high cost by the strong support of all walks of life, its production
The filling machine equipment has a good flexibility and flexibility, in the bottling of beverages, food and other tools
The characteristics of high-speed, supporting, high degree of automation and good reliability, is today the filling machine line
Industry development potential trends.
        Jinan Dongtai into filling equipment production will be based on the actual needs of the people living Line improvements, increase the technological content, to produce more new equipment, simultaneous development of life.

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