The future filling machine development with international standards

Time: 2012-09-27
The future filling machine development with international standards
        The development status of the domestic filling machine so that people with admiration of the domestic machinery products, technology
The mature also allow domestic production industry to abandon the expensive imported machinery, domestic filling machine
Basically to meet the demand for domestic production. At the same time, domestic enterprises after rain filling machine
Bamboo shoots up to international road, let the filling machine the complex filling machine market to become more difficult.
      Filling machine in the future will inevitably move toward the internationalization of the road, the development of large enterprises with international strength
Industry, adhere to independent innovation, develop their own brand, domestic enterprises should be strong combination, increase
The strength of strong domestic filling machine enterprises, in order and international large enterprises to compete, able to represent the development
The domestic filling machine market enterprises. The future of the internationalization of the road is an inevitable trend, the domestic filling Machine enterprise efforts will be made ??in this regard.

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