Filling machine selling services sales in mind

Time: 2012-08-28
The marketing strategy is not just product sales, service sales more degree. Because the development of science and technology is already quite mature, in various industries, as long as the technology is mastered, in a certain production scale to produce the product performance is not much difference, of course, which is reputable manufacturers Introduction. Selling products, since the product performance is not much difference, the only magic weapon to retain customers is customer service.
      Faced with the customers, a lot of people think: customer is God. This is the traditional sales philosophy, but Customers are not as deep understanding of the sales team, if blindly promised customers Production inevitably encounter adverse circumstances of the client to affect the use of the filling machine. So now Within the packaging industry, the emphasis is on customers as friends, only their confidence of customers, in order to win customers the trust, but also to solve the worries of filling machine such strict specifications of mechanical products and even more so,

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