The essence of survival of the fittest casting filling machine

Time: 2012-08-24
The essence of survival of the fittest casting filling machine
        Referred to Darwin's theory of evolution: natural natural selection, survival of the fittest. This sentence Darwin is used to
Description of the evolutionary process of the nature of life, and to adapt to the nature of biological survive, is not suited to the Amoy
And eliminating off hands, biological selection of the right to life in nature. Sentence interpretation of leaching in the packaging industry, these
Li River every minute, whether a company can survive the selection by the market, and in such a competitive modern society
Will, if the filling machine long been trusted, must remain the essence, go dross, the only constant
Perfect in order to adapt to the complex and volatile market.
       Filling machine technology matures, and can basically meet the demand for modern production, some companies began to complacency, only the pursuit of yield and interests rest on its laurels in the technical aspects, although it can maintain enterprise needs for survival, but the long view, the filling machine rest on its laurels will inevitably lead to the other instead of mechanical products appear, when there will be no place in the filling machine. In this survival of the fittest environment, the filling machine should be vigilant and continue to progress to meet consumer demand, in order to survive in a complex market.

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