Specific analysis of the specific characteristics of a filling machine tray elevator

Time: 2012-08-22
Specific analysis of the specific characteristics of a filling machine tray elevator
    1, mechanical
    This liter bottle body structure is relatively simple, but poor reliability. If a failure during the operation of the filling machine in the bottle rises along the slideway. Easily squeeze the bottle is bad. Demanding quality of the bottle. Particularly bottleneck can not bend . Bottle brought to the Bottle holder require accurate location work, buffer spring is likely to fail and require frequent replacement. In addition the drop bottles and no bottle section a large spring force, which will increase cam wear and frangible roller pin. Therefore, this structure is applicable to small automation without gas, liquid filling machines.
    2, pneumatic
    This lifting mechanism to overcome the shortcomings of mechanical lifting mechanism, because it uses gas transmission, shock absorption, when a failure occurs. Bottle is stuck. Compressed air is like spring is compressed when the bottle is no longer rise. Therefore not squeeze bad.
But the speed of movement of the piston is subjected to air pressure, if the compressed air pressure drop. Bottle rising speed slows down. That can not guarantee the sealing of the pourer and the filling valve. Compressed air pressure increases. Bottle rising speed fast cause the bottle is not easy to pair with the inlet tube and make the bottle drops impact force increases should Filling the gas-containing gas, easy to make a liquid compound of two rights CFCs escape.
    Pneumatic and mechanical modular.
    This device uses a pneumatic mechanism for propping rises, the cam mechanism the filled bottles lowered modular lifting mechanism. It uses pneumatic mechanism propping rising self-buffering function Torr liter smoothly. And save time. While cam institutions can better smooth motion control features. Propping lift the sport to get fast and good quality of work. However, such the structure of the elevating mechanism is more complex.
    Lifting bottles of the three agencies have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the design, should be based on the specific requirements of the filling machine, specific analysis, selection and design of the advanced and reasonable, economical and reliable institutions.
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