Dongtai filling opportunity strong is strong, open up the industry forward

Time: 2012-08-13
With the rapid development of the domestic economy in recent years, the market for bottling industries have new requirements and more demand, filling machine manufacturers to bring a huge challenge and a heavy pressure, Wuhan Dongtaifilling machine by virtue of the many advantages and favorable conditions for the competition, have made outstanding results for the filling machine industry, did not the industry's future development casting a solid fortress.

   Looking at the domestic filling machine industry status quo: a domestic lack of large-scale professional to create the filling machine manufacturers; 2, the pace of the market made ??a lot of filler to keep up with changing technology and quality; foreign advanced equipment, the large influx of country, etc., caused tremendous obstacles to the filling machine industry. So, we need to survive in this crisis situation and rapid development is not easy, many manufacturers because of the pressure of the bear market, there are many manufacturers turned to the development of the pier in other industries. Wuhan Dongtai filling machine did not flinch, but with a more positive attitude to cope with changes in market diversification, in order to open up the industry the way forward, and vigorously promote independent innovation, advanced technology, high-tech R & D results injected into the filling R & D and production.

   Now through the course of development of the domestic filling machine more than a decade, has large-scale, Wuhan Dongtai Machinery Through continuous efforts, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and scientific research to increase investment, improve after-sales service system, and strive to produce suitable for development of the market demand for a new filling machine, Dongtai Machinery has always been adhering to the development of technology and quality have made ??a great contribution to philosophy, in the development of advanced production equipment.

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