Vacuum packaging machine for food safety, no worries

Time: 2012-08-09
        In recent years, with the exposure of milk powder, milk, yogurt, ham and other food safety issues,
To ensure food quality and safety of the government and people always pay attention to the problem, especially during the hot summer.Relatively short shelf life of food, ranging from food color fades, the weight would severely affect people's physical health
Kang, like food poisoning time in the summer is particularly common, which not only sounded the alarm to the food production enterprises, but alsoMing from the siren to the packaging industry, and how to extend food shelf life, prevent deterioration of food, stale on people It has always been a headache for this situation, the vacuum packaging machine companies solve this problem.
       Its vacuum packaging machine, welcomed by the food production companies, it is common packaging
Compared to the machine, can be out of the packaging containers of oxygen, thereby inhibiting the breeding of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, Thereby protecting the food quality, extend product freshness and shelf life, now the application is very common,Seafood, soy products and a variety of needs of preservation of food like cooked food products: ham, braised chicken, chicken, etc.;
The products are vacuum-packed, greatly improving the food's freshness and shelf life.
       The vacuum packaging machine as one of the packaging industry, to people's lives, safety and security, so that
The people no worries, but also bring more economic benefits for the enterprise, the vacuum packaging machine is that companies do not regret

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