Filling Line against waste, promoting the virtues of frugality

Time: 2012-08-03
Chinese people for thousands of years regarded thrift as the virtues of the People, corporate pursuit of profit maximization is also geared to frugal against waste in the production and packaging processes, the human process will certainly be in some areas, resulting in waste, orthe company bought the filling equipment caused by the overflow spilled waste, but because the quality of equipment, but off the details are not to make a good match with the production of filling containers. The waste products of production workshop production of the phenomenon may make people feel the loss is relatively small, but filling oil or high viscosity products, waste products is also a laborious cleaning up things.
   Jinan Dongtai production of liquid filling production line of this phenomenon have a good help. Of bottle filling and capping, sealing, labeling combined, the automatic operation of the entire process, reducing the artificial mobile link between the two areas, to avoid the spilled in the process of moving the overflow phenomenon. But also to the filling materials of different specifications of the bottle just to adjust one of the components, no need to adjust the machinery, you can make with problems between the various stand-alone and feeding bottles. Filling line can reduce not only the middle part of the human operation, human, financial and material resources for the company to reduce consumption, but also can avoid the waste of materials, this is a new innovation in the packaging industry.

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