Development of a competitive era, dongtai filler always just one step

Time: 2012-07-30
Although society is information-oriented society, but also an era of war. Companies wanted to have
Deposit, must have their own unique side does not stand out, it would be eliminated, which is
The so-called survival of the fittest, war is fierce, and the battlefield is cruel, and many food, beverage, cosmetic
A variety of industries of the, pharmaceutical and other Du need to use the filling machine to complete the production, so the filling machine industries the competition is also fierce
 Dongtai filling machine filling accuracy, reliable quality, stable performance, after all enterprises filling
Production equipment, and therefore the requirements of our customers on the filling machine generally increased.
   Dongtai Machinery pace with the times, the development of technology step by step improved filling machine equipment is
Day in order to have to go abroad, let the whole world can be used in the filling machine of of Dongtai mechanical production
. Current state, Wuhan Dongtai professional R & D team will work together to create the filling machine.
Reflect its value, and R & D to design more in line with market requirements of the filling machine equipment, so as to full
Enough in the growing market.

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