Packer should always innovative development closely follow the trend

Time: 2012-07-09
Packer should always innovative development closely follow the trend
     Domestic packaging machinery started late, with the rapid increase of the national economy, the rapid development of domestic packaging machinery, after decades of development, and now the level of domestic packaging machinery close to the level of international development. Balers pace of development in the packaging machinery in a handful of current baler has been completed to the degree of automation, the future goal is to complete the diversified development of the multi-functional, intelligent, high-end, only to open up the innovation can be achieved packaged machine a wide range of development goals, balers innovation, not only for its technical level, there is a focus on mechanical shape design.
     In this age of strong logistics industry, the packer as the main force of the logistics industry plays an important role. Balers can make the scattered cargo packaged into a whole, a solid bundle of tightly packed soft goods, can protect the fragile goods from outside destruction, can guarantee the security of valuables to facilitate the handling of goods, to ensure that the goods the safety in the transport, unloading and storage process. The baler is no substitute for the role of the logistics industry, and increasingly important. With the gradual development of modern networks, the use of balers will be more and more widely, the packer will continue to inject new technology, the times to become the ideal packaging machinery.

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