Improve the bottling industry innovation, improve the comprehensive strength of the industry

Time: 2012-06-20
   The development of any business should the rest on its laurels, comfort, ease, will be the market economy, a flood of saliva, only unremitting efforts to seek development continues to advance and filling machine industry can survive in the fierce market competition, there must be developed, the development of goodto better exist, the dialectical materialist point of view, the two are complementary; in recent years, China filling machine industry is always moving forward, which is inseparable from the efforts of many filling machine manufacturers, industrydevelopment must focus on using all the advanced nature of the factors useful for industrial progress.
   As part of the filling machine industry in China, Jinan Dongtai liquid filling machinery and attached great importance to exchanges with foreign advanced enterprises, introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced filling machine manufacturing and control technology, and constantly improve their product superiority, enhanced irrigation installed products, domestic and international market competitiveness; the major domestic manufacturers focus on technical exchanges with foreign famous enterprises to continuously improve the filling machine industry innovation, improve industrial competitive strength in the fierce filling machine market, so that people I have gifted, gifted people I have fine, product performance, quality and international standards, and actively engaged in new product development in a challenging environment, innovation breakthrough, filling machine industry to focus on the improvement of the comprehensive strength, so that all the details of optimization, 
be good to develop strategic objectives for their own development, in order to move forward on the road even better.
  Technology, rapid economic development, filling the pace of development of the industry gradually accelerated, play an important role in the production of various enterprises, but also to the 
production of the advanced productive forces, improve the production efficiency, led the the rapid development of the enterprise; 
Dongtai filling machine has the latest scientific and technological level, the high degree of automation, gradually replaced the traditional filling equipment, able to quickly complete a series of production 
processes in production, making production more efficient, high quality, reducing the workforce, reduce production costs.

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