Throughout the market, the future development of filling machine is still the potential for stocks

Time: 2012-06-19
Ever since China's reform and opening up the domestic market came into contact with foreign advanced technology machinery and equipment, filling machinery is also during this period to enter the domestic market. However, when the filling machine just to enter the domestic market or in the more distant, because in the beginning of many production businesses for this filling machine is still not recognized, although that time has been sporadic manufacturer, but because it is emerging industries Most of the generic and the introduction of foreign technology long been out of production technologies and processes. Domestic science and technology a decade ago now so advanced, there is no dedicated research staff, not to mention what innovation capability. Domestic filling machine started when there is a gap.
       In recent years the rapid development of the domestic economy, science and technology also will slowly improve, and be able to use the new technology filling machinery is more and more, Although there part of the filling machine production businesses are still generic and the introduction of the phase-out technology for production, but also part of the production business, such as quick filling machine companies have started to develop a new technology. At present, filling machinery market is very prosperous, and now from the market can see the versatility, the appearance of generosity simple filling machinery, believe that given domestic filling machine in the near future there will be a brilliant development.

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