Dongtai filling machine makes the honey more sweet

Time: 2012-06-15
Dongtai filling machine makes the honey more sweet
 We all know honey as both food and drugs, roughly the effectiveness of: cough lungs; regulate gastrointestinal function; Runchang catharsis; detoxification liver protection; tranquilizer puzzle; 
anti-aging and beauty! So now, honey sales have been good, this has also led to the rapid development of the honey paste filling machine.
 Today's market economy, leading to the paste filling machine need to do the basic filling work, goods packaging more attractive, which also contributed to the development of diversified, intelligent and personalized. Dongtai paste filling machine, the broad range of applications, mainly used in cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, oil and other industries, these industries produced goods closely linked with 
people's daily lives, for Dongtai paste filling machine more and more to feel their own importance and responsibilities. Dongtai paste filling machine has a simple and reasonable structure, simple operation, high accuracy and other characteristics. Rational design, and models of compact, easy to operate, can filling Pi Yan Ping, erythromycin ointment, the antifreeze cream and other pharmaceutical products; can also filling toothpaste, shoe polish, moisturizer, lipstick Dengri products; can also filling sesame, sweet sauce, tomato sauce, cream and other foods.
 Dongtai each paste filling machine from design development, production, sales to after-sales service after checks at each level, and strive to do their utmost to do our best! The Dongtai products 
can be divided into two major categories of the filling machine, packing machine, packaging machine can be divided into: liquid packaging machine, granule packing machine, powder packaging machine, the Dongtai filling machine: edible oil filling machine, liquid filling machine, cream body filling machine, granule filling machine, 
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