Way out of the food packaging machinery industry: technology and energy efficiency

Time: 2012-05-26
Science and Technology is the life, but also corporate power. Packaging machinery automatic control system for continuous improvement, so that development tended to be more intelligent. Such as detection technology improves, not only the location of the current machine failure can also predict possible failures, allowing the operator to timely inspection and replacement of related accessories, to avoid the occurrence of failure. RMON is an innovation in food packaging machinery applications, customers of the Group unified co-ordinate all the machine's operation and remote monitoring of the enterprise is a big convenience.

International Model Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui, technology and energy saving will become an important direction for future development of the packaging machinery industry. Scientific and technological innovation of the packaging machinery industry In addition to the machine itself but also consider the packaging materials, environmental protection and energy conservation is an important issue for the packaging industry, many countries and social groups are added to the packaging technology development of energy saving and environmental protection. Some new environmentally friendly packaging products, to develop a carrot to do the wrapping paper such as the United Kingdom, both edible and can also be used to wrap food; a Japanese Research Institute, bean dregs as raw materials to make a case of heat dissolved edible packaging paper. Equally well in savings on labor costs and material costs, packaging machinery, which enables one about the need to shorten the production team of 20-25 people 4-5 people, and also higher than the artificial production efficiency.

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