Cost-effective choice of filling machine is the first principle

Time: 2012-05-09
Summary: How to choose your best filling machine & packaging machinery equipment?


1, first,make sure they will buy the product of the filling of the filling confidential. 

Filling range, the price is not the same, if the filling range relatively large gap between the products as much as possible to separate the machine filling.

2, Cost-effective is the first principle.

 The current domestic production of filling machines has been greatly improved quality than ever before, with imports of machinery and Qi drive and drive. Jinan Dongtai Machinery Company filling machine recommend for hospital preparation room, ampoule, eye drops, and oral liquid, shampoo, and a variety of agent quantitative filling; also be used for a variety of chemical analysis of trials in a variety of liquid quantitative continuous and fluid.

3, as far as possible to choose a long history of brand-name filler enterprise, 

Jinan Dongtai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. Specializing in the production of filling machines, packaging machines, inkjet printer and related equipment, quality guaranteed, customer in establishing a good reputation, sales has been among the forefront of the industry.

4, if the field trip, to focus on large areas, but also to pay attention to small details, often the details determine the quality of the machine. As far as possible with the sample test machine.

5, in the after-sales service, the "insiders" have a good reputation. 

Dongtai Machinery Co., Ltd. has specialized after-sales service department for customers to buy the rest assured, with the comfort. Timely service.

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