Development Direction of Packaging Machinery

Time: 2012-03-05
Summary: Development direction of packaging machinery

Since the beginning of the 21st century, with simplicity, high productivity, compared to traditional packaging machinery and equipment, new food packaging

machine requirements Supporting better, more automated features. The future of packaging machinery will be coordinated with the trend of industrial automation, packaging equipment to promote overall Raise the level. If the new smart intelligent CNC system, the encoder and the digital control components, power load control equipment has been at the Cape Times applied to the packaging machinery and equipment, the equipment user during operation more independent, flexible, operating correctness High efficiency and compatibility.

   A high degree of efficiency of food processing, mechatronics technology and optical, electrical, hydraulic, automation and control technology to Achieve, instead of intermittent production equipment by the continuous production quipment, instead of the universal by the specialized production equipment, roduction equipment, by Person production equipment instead of the small and medium-sized production equipment. Production line to achieve continuous production, specialized operations, automation, regulation,
Large-scale operations, can significantly improve production efficiency and economic benefits. At present, many large food machinery manufacturing enterprises or multinational corporations Division, most of the development of highly automated production lines, large production scale, production equipment, production of high efficiency to win the market competition Capacity.

   Increasingly high degree of process automation. Automation technology accounted for 50% of the packaging production line, packaging machinery Prepared extensive use of computer design and mechatronics control, improve productivity, equipment flexibility and the flexibility to increase the robot to Completion of a complex package action. Each robot by separate computer-controlled cameras to monitor packaging action and the information fed back to the Computer to adjust the range of motion, to ensure the quality of the packaging.

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