Automation of the packaging industry is the trend

Time: 2012-02-17
    The automation of the packaging industry began 20 years ago no longer meet the demand of the product's flexibility, more and more features from the mechanical actionShaft and transferred to the electronic drive system. Especially food packaging, the products tend to diversify, stimulate flexibility for deviceGreater demand. For example, top-loading equipment in carton packaging. Flexible cartoning machine loading from above, compared to the horizontalMachine more flexible. The robotic arm can be equipped with different vacuum fixture to accommodate the vastly different products. This solution on the complexFit packaging is also very effective in the pharmaceutical blister packaging, ampoule, vial, medicine instructions and spatula can be used at the top of Loading equipment for packaging; in the field of confectionery, top loading equipment for a variety of different shapes of chocolate into the deepDisk. Loading equipment operations at the top of the flexibility of a larger package to be effective. The machine just to make minor adjustments, will be able to appropriateShould be a different container shapes.

    Control and drive technology is the key technology in the field of packaging machinery structure. The use of intelligent servo drive of the third generation of packagingSet up with all the advantages of digital, at the same time establish new industry standards. Digital packaging machinery can not only provide greaterProduction and more flexible equipment, and also adds many new features, such as: remote maintenance and evaluation of production data. Dongtai package Installed machinery advanced servo system to improve the machinery of production capacity and performance.

    With the flexible requirements of the equipment to improve the number of servo motors are also increasing. Originally performed by the PLC logic function is lost To its importance, now dominated by electronic motor function. The field of packaging machinery will launch integrated motion control and logic control solution Must program the trend.

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