Good choice of filling machine principles to be followed

Time: 2012-01-09

   Most of the food packaging companies are thinking of how to allow the machine to work better, not only the quality and quantity of work done, you can also save costs, but also to ensure maximum use of time machine. This is Jinan Dongtai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. technical staff years of study. This prompted experts in the choice of filling machine: a reasonable choice of filling machine is to ensure product quality, an important way to improve economic efficiency. In general, the actual production should be in close contact, try to choose good quality, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, small size, light weight filling machine. In the choice of filling machine, the following principles should be followed.

   First, the principle of serving for the production process. First, the filling material should be based on the nature (viscosity, foaming, volatile, gas, etc.) the appropriate choice of filling machine, in order to meet the production process. For example, doctrinal and aromatic wine, in order to avoid a loss of volatile aromatic substances, tolerance should be used generally or pressure cup filling machine; for juice liquid, in order to reduce contact with air, to ensure product quality, the general vacuum should be used Add Juice filling machine. Second, we should make the filling machine production capacity and processes before and after the processing, packaging machinery production capacity to match.

   Second, high productivity and product quality, good principles. Filling machine productivity will directly reflect the production line capacity. Therefore, higher productivity, better the resulting economic benefits. In order to improve product quality, high precision equipment should be selected, but also a high degree of automation of the filling machine. But also a corresponding increase in the price of equipment, increased unit costs. Therefore, the choice of filling machine, in combination with the production process requirements, the relevant factors into account.

   Third, the principle of a wide range of technology. Filling machine range is the process of its ability to adapt to different production requirements. Wider range of technology, the more it can improve equipment utilization, a machine that can fill a variety of devices using the same materials and specifications. Therefore, in order to adapt to wine, beverage industry, multi-species, multi-standard production requirements, selection process should be as wide as possible range of the filling machine.

   Fourth, in line with the principles of food hygiene. As the wine and beverage industry, special health requirements. Therefore, the selected filler material in direct contact with the structure of the parts should be easy to dismantle and clean, does not allow dead. But also a reliable sealing measures to prevent debris mixed and materials lost. In materials, direct contact with the material of the parts to be made of stainless steel or non-toxic materials as possible.

   Fifth, use of safe, easy maintenance principles. Filling machine operation, adjustment should be convenient labor-saving, safe and reliable. And its structure should be easy to dismantle combination of parts to be universal, standardized, should also give priority to low price, light weight, small size of the filling machine.

   As long as the food packaging business in the purchase of the filling machine always remember these principles, and that is the maximum degree of choice the most appropriate development of the filling machine production, but also be able to save costs, with the least money to create the maximum profit.

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