The safe operation of liquid filling machine rules

Time: 2011-12-30
Summary: The Safe Operation Rules of Liquid Filling Machine

    Now more and more liquid food, liquid filling machine liquid food also followed the development of popular market, liquid filling machine is a filling machine, liquid filling machine filling principle can be divided by pressure filling machines, pressure filling machine and vacuum filling machine. Mainly used for lotion, care solution, oral solution, disinfectant, wash fluid, nutrition, alcohol, injection, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, oils, lubricants and special liquid filling industry.

    In the use of liquid filling machine is the most important is to ensure the safety of workers, to ensure safety in production, please note the following:

    1, in line liquid filling machine provided with the power and gas source.

    2, the washable liquid filling machine, make sure to turn off gas supply and power supply.

    3, the second half of the liquid filling machine (near the control button) and loaded with electrical control components, no matter what the circumstances are not in direct wash water body, or there will be danger of electric shock, damage to the electrical control components

    4, in order to prevent electric shock, the machine should have a good grounding, liquid filling machine with a ground outlet.

    5, turn off the power switch, liquid filling machine parts in electrical control circuit voltage is also present in the control circuit when the maintenance will be sure to unplug the power cord.

    Ensure safety in production, to be eligible to complete the business goals, in order to enable enterprises to operate according to the normal order of production down, so, no matter under what circumstances, to ensure their own safety is the most important.

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