The tide will be the first vacuum packaging machine

Time: 2011-12-23

   Development of packaging machinery has become the fastest growing industries, vacuum packaging machine is also a further development of plastic vacuum packaging is now used widely to promote the development of plastic vacuum packaging machine, but also a higher demand for its.

Vacuum packaging on the current international trends in technology and equipment is mainly reflected in the following areas.

First, production automation: automatic vacuum packaging machine not only improve productivity, but also has health and safety advantages. Japan produced typ-b series rotary chamber vacuum packaging machine is a very high degree of automation, multi-station packaging machine. The machine has two filling and vacuum turntable, filling a six-station turntable, complete for bags, feeding, pre-injection fluid seal, and sent to the vacuum turntable package; vacuum turntable with 12 stations (vacuum room), complete vacuum and sealing, product output processes, production efficiency up to 40 bags / min, mainly used for packaging of soft canned food.

Second, the use of new technologies: packaging methods, extensive use of inflatable packaging instead of vacuum packaging, the inflation component, packaging material and inflatable packaging machine research in three areas close together; in control technology, increased use of computer technology and microelectronics; in sealing, application of heat pipes and cold sealing technology; the advanced device directly installed in the vacuum packaging machine, such as mounted on the high-precision computer-controlled combination of coarse-grained material balance; in rotation or vacuum packaging machine, application of advanced high-speed circular surface cam machinery. All of these new technologies, making the vacuum packaging machine more efficient and intelligent.

Third, the stand-alone multi-function: to achieve in a single multi-functional, easy to expand the scope of use. Stand-alone multi-function is the modular design to completion. Transformation by different functional modules and combined to produce for different packaging materials, packaging mouth, vacuum packaging machine packaging requirements. Representative products are Germany, the company owned hesser bosch multi-station plant bag vacuum packaging machine can be set bag, weighing, filling, vacuum, seal and other functions into one, convenient.

Fourth, the group with the production line: When you need to become more functional for a long time, all of the features focus on a single machine will become very complicated structure, operation and maintenance is not easy. Then the function can be different, to match the efficiency of a combination of several machines can be more successful and complete production lines, to complete more complex packaging process. Companies such as France cracecryoya and istm fish developed vacuum packaging line, the Swedish International Limited macro tree developed by the Institute and the Swedish textile and textile vacuum packaging system models belong to this type.

   Understand the development trend of packaging machinery for the Jinan Dongtai is present and future is a necessary process. Only the packaging machinery this trend to the forefront of the times to do to become worthy of the packaging industry leader!

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