Food packaging is an important part of food safety

Time: 2011-12-17

   Sanlu milk powder incident from the beginning, China's food and beverage began to frequent security problems. Now food companies should attach great importance to food safety, not only with the sale of the company's image is more important is the relationship between the national life, and even lives.

   We have repeatedly emphasized that food safety, food packaging safety is an important part of food safety, and security in addition to food packaging food packaging machine with high quality or not is closely related to, the safety of packaging materials is the application of food safety issues related to the important part. Developed a new type of safety packaging materials, and make it compatible with the food packaging, food packaging safety is a priority, which requires food packaging machine industry, starting from their own areas, the maximum for the food security escort.

   Packaging materials for the application of safety is a universal concern, which is the relevant government departments attach great importance in recent years, government control of food packaging materials inventory has intensified in order to prevent harm to human health and the presence of security risks of food packaging materials to production and application, from the source to ensure the safety of food packaging.

   Government departments and food packaging machine manufacturer for the effective implementation of "Food Safety Law", the main government departments to carry out clean-up may be harmful to human health, food packaging materials, and resolutely combat the use of harmful substances in packaging materials in food packaging, processing, and illegal production of food packaging materials act. Food packaging machine manufacturers should exercise self-discipline, and actively develop new packaging materials and packaging machines for food packaging materials, equipment and the compatibility of the new study. Food production and processing factories but also to concrete efforts to produce food conscience, their food, in the selection of packaging materials to effectively respond to the relevant policies and regulations, to eliminate a safety hazard for the application of food packaging materials, and buy regular food packaging manufacturers produce high-quality machine.

   Jinan Dongtai packaging machinery companies are also focusing on this aspect, to achieve food security, food packaging materials, packaging machines for security applications is an important part of food safety, in this part of the real parts must be perfect and progress. In order to make food safety have been greatly improved, no longer can make people's lives, "alarmed."

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