Safety pollution filling - Dongtai beverage filling machine

Time: 2011-12-02
Recently, a well-known brands of beverage drinking mother after poisoning food safety again pushed to the cusp of the past few years, food safety incident after another, waste oil, dyed bread, Roubao Zi and other people looking after the incident did not dare to eat rice , when they can also be assured of a table we?

Drinks are common things in our lives, 35 students out of play is essential to drink things, to eat hot pot is also often accompanied by a bottle of beer and beverages, dairy beverages can replenish nutrients in the hunger state is good food; sports drinks can quench their thirst but also vitamin supplements to maintain metabolic balance.

Social demand for beverages has greatly promoted the development of the beverage industry, mainly to complete the filling of liquid filling machines also accelerated the development. Filling machine mainly for dairy products, beverages, beer, tea and other liquid products filling. Dongtai beverage filling machine uses computer intelligent control, mechatronics technology makes filling machine is more suitable for modern mass production, filling machine for small and medium enterprises, the efficiency and quality is essential, filling machine can be more efficient business obtain better returns; filling machine is directly related to the quality of the product quality.

Dongtai mechanical quality-oriented, safe and secure use of materials, suitable for filling liquid food, Dongtai mechanical quality guaranteed, welcome your purchase.

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