Vacuum packing machine maintenance and repair required

Time: 2011-11-25
     Now, whether we have a vacuum-packed into the size of supermarket food, a lot of the kind of cooked food, snacks and the like by the bulk of food in the supermarket to vacuum packaging, and this is a gradual increase in adapting to people's health standards. However, enterprises in the use of vacuum-packed vacuum packing machine, often due to improper use or maintenance of the machine does not cause the damage in time, in this, experts advise you to Dongtai, vacuum packing machine maintenance and repair is the core of the vacuum pump. Maintenance of the vacuum pump requires the following:

     First, check the oil level once a week and the color of oil, if oil level is below "MIN" mark, refueling; If the oil level more than "MAX" mark, let go of some oil or condensate is due to excessive dilution of the vacuum pump oil, which needs to replace all the vacuum pump oil, if necessary, replace the gas ballast valve.

     Second, the vacuum pump oil must be bright, clear, not a little foamy or cloudy, oil still settling after the disappearance of the white matter can not be described with foreign substances to enter, must be replaced with new oil.

     Third, once a month check the inlet filter and exhaust filter.

     Fourth, the semi-annual cleaning vacuum pump cavity dust, dirt, cleaning the fan hood, fan wheel, air grilles, cooling fins (cleaning with compressed air).

     Fifth, once a year, replace the exhaust filter, clean or replace air intake filter (cleaned with compressed air).

     Sixth, every 500-2000 hours of vacuum pump oil and replace oil filter.

     These are experts in Dongtai years of operating experience from the summary above, all food vacuum packing machine for use at any time when they should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, the machine can do the maintenance and upkeep is equal to indirect savings for the enterprise production costs, improve production efficiency.

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