A new flexible packaging style

Time: 2011-11-24
Summary: With the green plastic flexible packaging, plastic packaging industry in the new century will be better and faster development
Flexible packaging means filling or removing the contents, the container can change the shape of packaging. Paper, aluminum foil, fiber, plastic film and their complexes are made of a variety of bags, boxes, sets, encapsulation, etc. are flexible.

Flexible packaging equipment is a mechanical, electrical, light, gas, liquid as a whole. A high degree of mechanization and automation is an important indicator of the development of packaging equipment, one of the domestic enterprises gradually have these capabilities. Therefore, the flexible packaging equipment manufacturing enterprises should pay attention to mechanical and electrical integration, and complete with main and auxiliary line direction, focusing on the original application of energy-saving materials and heating applications (such as micro-heating elements, heat pipe technology, etc.), automatic and computer-based systems to enhance development.

Domestic waste plastic packaging industry to reduce pollution in a lot of progress has been made, with the domestic laws and regulations on environmental protection will be gradually implemented to achieve greater progress this year. For example, using the heat-sealable oriented film plus oil varnish materials can significantly reduce the amount of packaging ice cream in the cold to get a lot of applications; through the use of high strength of metallocene polyolefin and successfully reduced the thickness of the packaging film , excessive packaging is gradually reduced; composite co-extrusion technology and equipment applications are becoming increasingly popular to solve the precise control of film thickness of the layers of the problem, the high price of the barrier layer thickness can be controlled very thin, while dozens of fresh performance fold increase.

With the green plastic flexible packaging, plastic packaging industry in the new century will be better and faster development; believe that flexible packaging equipment front, the joint efforts of peers, in particular, industry needs the support of key products factory and joint development, application , will in the next few years so that our flexible packaging equipment has improved greatly, to meet the development needs of the domestic packaging industry, and catch up with foreign advanced level of development.

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