Optional filling machine should pay attention to the problem

Time: 2011-11-17

     China is now filling machine there are many brands and models, enterprises in the purchase when the filling machine should be selected according to their own situation to the actual situation for business machines, so to avoid a waste of resources to run the machine or the machine can not meet the needs of enterprises such as a series of questions, therefore, in the purchase of the filling machine should be closely linked to actual production, try to choose good quality, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, small size, light weight filling machine. Dongtai sales staff according to experience, in the purchase of filling machine should pay attention to the following aspects:

     First, to determine their own confidential filling the filling will buy the product. Some manufacturers of many kinds of products, the purchase of filling machine, filling equipment, one can hope that all of their varieties of packaging. In fact, often filling special effects machine better than compatible. This is just for reference only, you can coordinate with manufacturers. Also, the filling range of different prices are not the same, if filling the gap is relatively large range of products as separate from the filling machine.

     Second, the products require a higher price. At present, the quality of the filling machine production has been greatly improved than before, some equipment manufacturers together with imports of machinery driving and driving.

     Third, choose a long history of the brand as much as possible filling machine business, quality is guaranteed. Choose mature technology, stable quality models, to make packing faster and more stable, low energy, low hand, the low rejection rate. Consumption was filling machine is the machine, if the purchase of low-quality machine, the daily production in the future accumulated waste packaging film, the decision is not insignificant.

     Fourth, after-sales service, "insiders" have a good reputation. Timely service, especially for food processing enterprises is particularly important. Such as beverage company, is the production of the busy summer period, if the machine is a problem in production has not immediately resolved, that loss can be imagined.

     Finally, in the purchase to buy as much as possible when filling machine operation and maintenance is simple, complete accessories, automatic continuous feeding agencies to facilitate the disassembly of equipment combinations. Also, consider the efficiency of production equipment, filling machine productivity as a direct reflection of the level of production capacity of the production line.

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