Dongtai machinery, quality brand

Time: 2011-11-16
     Dongtai Machinery is a manufacturer based packaging machinery, packaging machinery main business, such as vacuum packing machines, liquid packaging machine, granule packaging Machines and other types of packaging machines but also have in addition to filling machine, inkjet printer, shrink machines, balers, etc. These machines and packaging machines can be used together to form a Health Production line, not only improves the product's value also increased mechanical efficiency.

     Dongtai Machinery, based in Jinan, Wuhan Branch under Dongtai Machinery, Dongtai Machinery Shenyang branch, branch established to expand the company's business Business volume, but also facilitate the provision of timely service. Our products are mainly exported to all over the country, while some are exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the product Quality and low price, good reputation, is a trusted brand.

     Dongtai times, aggressive, constantly absorbing high-tech talent, organizational and technical personnel to visit and study; actively introduce advanced science and technology, All the theory in practice, reform and innovation in the packaging machinery Dongtai has an outstanding contribution.

     Dongtai quality brand, every product is the wisdom of all the technical staff. Advanced technology, excellent quality is based on the packaging machinery industry Dongtai magic. Sales after-sale service is the company's characteristics, to facilitate the user's choice to improve the company's reputation. Choose Dongtai machinery, to help your career on the floor.

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