Green, please minimize the use of plastic bags

Time: 2011-11-07
Plastic packaging is most common in our lives packed some things for the boss in the booth will be handed a plastic bag, put a simple and convenient, not knowing a large  Wind up flying plastic bags, plastic bags generally difficult to decompose into the soil after a few years can not be completely decomposed, but a plastic bag to facilitate the life of a great cause  Pollution.

The plastic limit state to promote the long, plastic limit order on the one hand but also achieved some success, but the effect is far better than imagined. Mainly used in food packaging plastics Goods industries, such as instant noodles, braised chicken, duck outer is plastic packaging, plastic packaging is easy to make the benefits of a transparent packaging products through the outer

Show directly to the consumer packaging, packing, light weight, easy transportation, good sealing performance, it is still mainly based on plastic packaging.

With energy-saving awareness of environmental protection, new materials continue to emerge, the use of crop straw, plant fiber and other material bags became fashionable.

This package is the use of renewable resources, can be recycled, compared to the plastic packaging that the packaging of renewable resources is more popular.

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