How to buy inkjet printer to make it longer?

Time: 2011-10-27
This is a problem many SMEs are concerned, a good inkjet printer the most critical part of this component in the nozzle, which is the core of the inkjet printer, so look in the purchase of inkjet nozzle when a good quality bad. Of course, even if the nozzle is not necessarily even the best inkjet printer for a long time to ensure that the work must be timely maintenance and repair to make the inkjet printer head has a longer life. Maintenance portion of the nozzle should pay attention to the following points:

First, a suitable indoor environment. If the indoor unit's work environment is not good, then it is easy to enter the main cartridge dust and then to Vice cartridge, thereby re-entering the nozzle, the nozzle of the printing effects and shorten the life of the nozzle.

Second, the reasonable operation inkjet printer. The surface of the nozzle head is not part of any object with friction, fine hairs easily hung on the nozzle surface. Plug and cause ink drops, thus affecting the Coding results. Therefore, strict licensing requirements to operate the equipment is also very important.

Third, pay attention to supporting parts. Each machine has its purpose accessory, do not arbitrarily removed. Like the main cartridge, Vice cartridge, filters, etc.

Fourth, the quality of the ink. The quality of ink directly on the screen quality, impact sprinklers. Best to use the equipment manufacturer's recommended ink, because these inks are subject to stringent, long-term test, the nozzle of the device have some protection. Do not arbitrarily add any substance to the ink.

Fifth, pay attention to maintenance. Stopping power in the inkjet printer nozzle must be cleaned before and put the nozzle of the nozzle with a moisture sponge cushion cover, this will ensure the quality of inkjet nozzle position and, to some extent also to extend the life of the nozzle .
Usually pay more attention as long as maintenance and repair, can make the inkjet printer for a long time, high efficiency operation.

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