Popular multi-filling machine

Time: 2011-10-23
Filling machine is a small class products packaging machinery, filling machine packing material from the perspective of the main liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling Machines, filling machines and other types of particles. With the modern demand for packaging machinery industry is more diversified, multi-purpose filler into the inevitable trend.

Filling in the current food and beverage packaging machinery operation on the development, design and manufacturing process widely used, its trend is increasing the automation of stand-alone Level, to improve the entire packaging line automation control level, production capacity can be greatly improved food and beverage packaging production equipment product quality, Increase its domestic and international competitiveness.

Filling machines and packing machines can be, balers form one-stop production line, after the container after filling machine filling materials for packaging by the packaging machine, the most Package after package, which increases the production efficiency, at the same time, create greater efficiency.

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