Packaging of food allergens should be clearly marked

Time: 2011-10-22
    Food allergy is the body of food caused by abnormal immune system response, mainly because of some foreign body reaction to food or fire Certain proteins or lack of food digestion. There are reports show that food allergies cause more than 170, mainly in eggs, fish, seafood, shellfish Class, wheat, peanuts, soybeans, nuts eight categories based.

    Due to serious illness caused by food allergies can be life-threatening human safety, making food packaging for allergen should be clearly marked, and who is not suitable Eating this food, which is responsible for the consumer, but also a manifestation of Honor.

    Dongtai main packaging machine pillow packing machine, vacuum packing machines, packing machines and other types of particles, beautifully packaged product, quality and cheap. Dongtai remind consumers to ensure your health, try to avoid eating foods containing allergens.

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