Dongtai vacuum packaging machine and seek better development of innovative

Time: 2011-10-20

    Food industry is an important part of the global economy, increasing the value of creating the face of the temptation of huge profits, many people join the food industry, the food packaging industry is also natural to a huge market. Food packaging, vacuum packaging machine is inseparable from, the packaging industry accounted for 70% of the share, that is, the future will bring the whole vacuum packaging machine packaging industry.

    Although the development of Chinese vacuum packing machine later, but already has several decades of history, has long been showing a steady upward trend of sound development. Vacuum packaging machine are used in many fields, such as: food industry, daily chemical industry,

electronic products and chemical raw materials, etc., these industries are based on vacuum-packed products can be effective moisture, oxidation, greatly extend the product shelf-life. At present the development of vacuum packaging machines more and more rapidly, and gradually move to the international, all-round development of globalization began.

    However, China's vacuum packaging machine technology is not very mature for this shortcoming, Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Jinan Dongtai great efforts to carry out a comprehensive reform of the equipment and new technology to further improve the equipment, the full realization of automation technology, and science and technology to learn and development combined with advanced technology into high-end devices, allowing devices to gradually tend to high intelligence, high-efficiency, high-quality direction. Vacuum packaging machine manufacturers in the design of only highly innovative in order in the fierce market competition unbeaten. Rather than to cater to consumers' appetite to fight vacuum packaging machine crazy price war. Play the price war will no doubt bring harm both consumers and manufacturers, and the entire industry will suffer.

   Therefore, the development of vacuum packaging machine industry must take a long-term development.

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