The development trend of green packaging

Time: 2011-10-15
    Therefore, the packing problem in recent years, more and more trade friction generated, such as disposable cutlery in China due to no "environmental labeling" and prohibited the export European and American markets, many commodities exported to Europe have to pay the high costs of packaging waste disposal. With China's accession to WTO, foreign green barriers on I China's export trade will become more severe. Therefore, domestic enterprises need to improve environmental awareness, focusing on studying foreign green barriers in laws and regulations,Combined with our practical, to develop appropriate countermeasures.

Environmental labeling, also known as the green flag, is the government department or public body according to certain environmental standards, shall issue the certificate to prove that their products Production, use and processing of environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly or low risk, and contribute to resource recycling.

Larger enterprises, the greater their social responsibility, common development and social progress as a corporate citizen, we should have the courage and the courage to take on their social Social responsibility, only those with a high degree of social responsibility and socially responsible real brand, to be able to win the community, people's respect and support, enterprise

Industry can be sustained, harmonious and healthy development. In the face of consumer attitudes has yet to cultivate the status quo, relying on a few corporate social responsibility is not Enough, the only companies within the industry to effectively assume their social responsibility to give consumers a peace of mind of the consumer environment, but also to make the brave

In corporate social responsibility is no longer alone, no longer struggling, "green packaging Road" long way to go.

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