Mettle and Traits of Liquid Filling Machine in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Time: 2011-10-11
Summary: Mettle and Traits of Liquid Filling Machine in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Liquid filling machine for filling liquid medicine, so the liquid filling machine in medicine has broader applications, mainly in oral liquid medicine , Liquid nutritional supplements and so on.

Liquid filling machine filling machine of the type suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, pesticide and special trades, is for filling liquid Ideal device.

Product structure:

1. DY series is a semi-automatic piston filling machine liquid filling machine. Driven by a piston cylinder to extract and play materials, materials with a one-way valve control Material and the magnetic reed switch to control the cylinder stroke, you can adjust the filling volume.

2. The design is reasonable, model compact, easy to operate, the pneumatic part of Germany FESTO and Taiwan AirTac pneumatic components.

Main performance and structural characteristics:

1. To be poured into the bag, can fit a variety of viscosity products.
2. It has a fast, accurate, economic and practical advantages.

3. The filling machine can be used in filling and packing shampoo, sauce, oil, grease, cosmetics and other products.

So this series of filling machines would be get more and more better. Mettle and traits of filling machine is important.

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