Packaging enterprises seek better development in the innovation

Time: 2011-10-10

   Today, very rapid economic development, people's lives is also a large development, the demand for goods also increased dramatically, most goods are required packaging, packaging machinery which quickly became popular.

   The development of China's packaging industry looks very impressive, but that is only a forecast is difficult to truly, there are still many problems to be solved, it is difficult to achieve if the desired results. China packaging machine equipment or a lot of technology from abroad, foreign packaging machinery has been largely achieved humane and intelligent design, and our packaging machine interface and PLC control, etc. is still relatively lacking, relatively backward. So, you want to achieve intelligent control, but also from the PLC control technology from the start, while also continue to learn new technology, developed by independent specializes in intelligent devices.

   Facing the new situation and new challenges, packaging machinery companies should be prepared for the development of the concept of positive change, strengthen independent innovation and enhance market awareness and effectively promote the development of domestic packaging machinery industry. Brutal market conditions and competitive situation in the packaging machinery business has been pushed to the brink. The manufacture of powerful but simple powerful emptiness, is a phantom, a single channel deepening and intensification can not solve the problem long ago. Only through the channel innovation, the introduction of new marketing model to achieve increased profitability, in order to make packaging machinery companies really come out from the predicament. Packaging machinery industry can not rely on existing technologies, not to save money has always been to imitate someone else's machine, companies want long-term development, we must develop new products independently, followed the trend, which can grow and develop packaging machinery industry.

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