Packaging machinery in the huge development potential in shandong province

Time: 2011-03-30

Shandong province is a major agricultural province, so here is the food processing industry, the country's most centralized cities, where also known as the hometown of the food processing industry. Shandong food charm, but also led the development of packaging industry here, so here are charming packaging machinery industry.
Before the food processing industry are here, need the support of the field, many of them are the packaging machinery are imported from northeast China, very few local companies are now promoting the rise of the middle of the industry, where rapid expansion of packaging machinery industry up. The industry must not lag behind in Shandong, Jinan Dongtai packaging machinery has been the capital of Shandong - Jinan root 5,6 years to meet the needs of packaging industry there. Excellent development space, a huge market demand, and make it become an important base for the National Packaging Machinery, where not only the demand, production has become the highest in the country. And here also has a top technology. So here's products have also become the most outstanding products.
With the rise of food processing industry, packaging industry will also be a great development, our country is now also more emphasis on industrial, industrial rise and fall of a country's comprehensive national strength is a symbol of the continuous optimization of industrial structure, investment in science and technology continue to deepen, and actively learn foreign advanced technology, expansion of business scale. Let us state the packaging machinery industry quickly turning into the fast lane, but also strong support for the food industry.
Jinan Dongtai located in the beautiful capital city of Jinan, strategic location, product quality and perfect service system, the product network has been throughout the country.

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