Differences between Foreign and Domestic Packing Machinery

Time: 2011-03-14
Summary: Between Foreign and Domestic Packing Machinery exist many more differences.

Between foreign and domestic packing machinery exist  many more differences.

China's packing machinery industry is facing great challenges, foreign products with reliable stability, human design, high tech features such as conquering a lot of business, and has expanded to various industries in China. Of the many kinds of drinks Large companies have introduced a large number of imported automatic packing production line, in order to more stable and more efficient production, while China's packing machinery products only as their second or auxiliary equipment. This is the Chinese packing machinery and equipment in developed countries gap.

Packing machinery in China started late in the imitation of foreign advanced products, but also the lack of innovation, it has been lagging behind. Despite the impact of foreign packing machinery packaging industry in China market, but domestic sales of packing machinery packing companies did not recede increases. China Although the lack of innovation, but more flexible design concept is not as foreign as cured, according to the requirements of different customers personal design; and proximity to domestic customers, through many channels to understand the actual production equipment problems, establish a complete excellent after-sales service system, and timely solutions to problems; according to customer requirements, manufacturing and commissioning of equipment cycles are shorter than abroad, and are cheap and easy maintenance.

These packing industry in China is only advantage, China's packing machinery to exceed and on this basis to increase product development and innovation, processing and manufacturing of packing machinery more accurate, more beautiful design in order to impress the domestic and international customers. Otherwise, foreign products will occupy the Chinese market.

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