The Contradictions of Packaging Machinery and New Opportunities for Food Packaging

Time: 2011-03-07
Summary: The Contradictions of Packaging Machinery and New Opportunities for Food Packaging


Currently, the development in the packing industry, under the premise, you can still see the contradictory packaging machinery industry, companies can not cope with the situation changes, industry developments and incompatible ideas; technological innovation capacity is weak, technology has been slow, new product development has not yet free themselves from the imitation of research tracking the situation, less competitive, economic growth, improvement in efficiency is still driven mainly by the scale.

Packing machinery industry to face many adverse factors, the most urgent is to change the packing machinery industry in the way of the development of enterprises.Enterprises should go look at a new starting point and solve various contradictions and problems, transform ideas, strengthen independent innovation, increase market awareness, and vigorously promote the development of domestic packing machinery industry. To change the status of the packaging machinery industry, promote the development of packing machinery,  get a big step forward in the same industry and should pay attention to the development trend of packing machinery.

Look dairy packing machinery

With the rapid development of China's dairy industry, intensifying competition in the dairy factory, which subsequently led to the associated processing and packing machinery industry. Homogenization of the industrial structure of the domestic dairy industry competition serious attention was focused on milk competition, market and technology upgrades to seize several aspects, with the exception of the few dairy giant, most of the milk prices are looking forward to their limited resource advantages into economic benefits for the market, an effective way to find the survival and development.

In the increasingly fierce market competition, good yogurt packing will bring good share of sales, so packaging technology has also been improvement and innovation, and constantly adapt to the development of dairy industry and customer demand. Dairy packing machinery industry has begun a war.

To see the future of food packing machinery

China's packing machinery for over-reliance on foreign high-technology, has seriously hampered China's packing industry sustained, stable development.

Present an increasingly competitive food packing machinery, the future of food packing machinery will be coordinated with industrial automation, packing equipment to promote the overall level of increase, the development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of food packing equipment. The food packing machinery is increasing independent innovation, and gradually implement the "big strong little special," the production and operation mode, a "differentiated" market competition system.

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