System Upgrade also Improved performance of Food Packing Machinery

Time: 2011-03-01

System Upgrade also Improved performance of Food Packing Machinery

At present, the development of food packing machinery in poor condition, some companies can integrate with the international advanced level of production, but has its own intellectual property rights, continued technological innovation of enterprises rarely, mostly imitation, innovation rare. Therefore, food packing machinery from the perspective of innovation, improve product quality and quality, will have a huge space for development.

Most supermarkets in the UK paper packing used for food, snacks, rice, flour, chicken and so on to use the paper packing, never used in the restaurant food packing plastic food containers, paper to wrap the food they think is the most safe and secure , and will not change due to changes in the environment, harmful substances, its stability is much better than the plastic packaging. In fact, this idea is the challenge of packing machinery, while also urging the industry to go forward.

From the current food packing machinery manufacturing industry as a whole situation, mostly from the last two decades of private enterprises, township enterprises constitute or conversion is made before, that the personnel of these enterprises from the technical, ideological, intellectual property rights and the world is still lagging behind. To improve domestic food packing machinery industry, the most important thing is to improve the overall quality of employees in the industry, the overall quality of the technical quality and ideology. Ideological quality which includes ways of thinking, thinking, decision making and innovative thinking. Technical quality of the technical level that includes the design and manufacture the technology. Thus, the flow of talent today, gathered a group of high-quality personnel, beyond the current level can be achieved, the rapid escalation of food packing machinery is also just around the corner.

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