Spy about Filling Line Shape on the Domestic Industry Today

Time: 2011-02-21
Summary: Better and Better Future Trends of Packaging machinery

Packaging machinery to the high-speed, multi-purpose, high precision direction, for packaging machinery in the large product line will inevitably towards filling this development direction. Filling production line can product from raw materials to finished filling, the role and applicability of its strong will own a huge market prospects.

China's economic growth in recent years, the rapid development of the beverage industry, carbonated drinks, juice drinks, vegetable juice drinks, milk drinks and other species continue to enrich, the surge in sales of beverage products is not a single function to meet the packaging requirements of filling, the filling line of course, is the only choice. Passage of the tablet on the market today capsule packaging lines, automatic liquid filling production line, automatic liquid bottle filling production lines and other products are mostly domestic packaging machinery manufacturers in the introduction of Sweden, the United States, Germany and other developed countries to research and development process improvements after Cheng, technical performance compared to developed countries, although reliable, but there are still many shortcomings.

At present, the use of a huge gap is the manufacturer of this rare opportunity, hope that the domestic manufacturers to produce less material waste, high efficiency production line to meet the market, while its support of the inkjet printer, labeling and other packaging machinery in the development of a certain role.

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