How to Use Food Sealing Machines

Time: 2011-01-07

Food sealing machines allow people to extend the life of their raw and cooked foods. This includes perishable foods such as meat and cut fruits. These machines work by sucking the air out of food storage bags. Oxidation causes food to rot and wither; when you remove the air, the oxidation process slows down, causing the food to perish slower.


Place the food sealing machine on a steady surface and plug it into an electrical wall outlet. The food can spill out of the bag when you seal it if the surface is not level.
Fill a specialized food sealing bag with the food that you want to seal. Leave room at the top of the bag so that the food doesn't leak out when the machine is sucking the air out of the bag.
Press the open button located at the top right hand corner of the food sealer machine. The lid should pop open.
Place the open side of the bag flat on the drip tray.
Close the lid on the machine and push down on both ends until the machine starts sucking the air out of the bag and begins the sealing process. This will happen automatically.
Press down on the open button and the lid will flip open. Remove the sealed food bag and repeat the process again with other food that you want to store.

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