China's packaging machinery to be fine professionals strive to catch up with international trend

Time: 2010-11-24

Currently, the development trend of packing machine in this world is the production of high efficiency, high utilization of resources, energy conservation products, high-tech practical, research commercialization. But for packaging machinery in China, compared with foreign products, technology level gap is still large, far from meeting the domestic demand, China's packaging machinery specially refined to be the path.

It is lack of the high-tech packaging machine equipment,  high-quality precision ancillary products, low product performance, stability and reliability of the poor; and the lack of domestic packaging machinery industry leading enterprises, high level of technology, production scale, product quality is not high to some extent, the extensive expansion of production scale operations.

However, China's packing machines has been awareness in this regard, but also to speed up the digitization, automation, mechanical and electrical integration of packaging machinery close to the pace of technological superiority, but in order to achieve a high degree of packaging machinery to the strategy of modernization and out, or need Precision designed to accelerate growth this short board, and strive to catch up with international trends.

So, the packaging machinery industry, not only in terms of common technology and conventional equipment to form a more perfect system, but also the key in the key equipment and technology to meet the needs of the market and embarked on sophisticated way. Meanwhile, the packaging machinery business is to continue to conduct their own innovation and change management concepts and development of backward thinking, the production of packaging machinery to improve efficiency and product diversification, and thus, packaging machinery industry to achieve a healthy and orderly development.

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